1. Wax Tailor Ft. ASM - Say Yes

    good old bumpin shiieet

  2. Video for “Eclipse/Blue” by Nosaj Thing

  3. allnightnoise:


    Cute Animal Blogging: Incredibly friendly baby seal. (x)

    im reblogging this so someone else who likes this will reblog it i know she will

  4. is your neighbor a cool person??

    pas du tout

  5. My favorite heavy metal bands


    Since I’ve been hanging around Kat quite a bit, she’s opened up a whole new world of awesome music for me… Here are some of my favorite heavy metal bands:

    Stone temple pilots
    Spin doctors
    Limp biscuit
    Alien antfarm

    Best metal bands ever!

  6. sometimes LA is nice.

    sometimes LA is nice.

  7. Portrait of Julian by Alejandro Maestre.

  8. Current favorite producer
<3 Munchi

    Current favorite producer

    <3 Munchi

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